Gallery - General

The pictures in this section are a overall sample of some albums.

Australasian Gannet

This shot taken of the bird coming into land shows its magnificent wingspan.


Red-Crowned Parakeet Kakariki

Kotuku White Heron

Hey! this is my boat

Kotuku White Heron

In this mud there is Food?

Kotuku White Heron 6

"Up Up & Away"


Safe landing

Royal Spoonbill

Waiting for the tide to turn.


Male Scaup and a juvenile. Picture taken at Queen Elizabeth Park, MacKays Crossing North of Paekakariki.


Well! what can I say? Except that, this bird (a male sparrow) is often taken for granted but seen here is magnificent!!


The speckled head of this Starling suggests it is non-breading (Heather & Robertson 2005)


This Orchid only flowers in full sunlight, and is approximally12mm wide.