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Australasian Harrier, Kahu4 Lookout!!

This was taken just before a younger Harrier landed featured in the next picture

Australasian Harrier, Kahu 3

A rather stringee bit

Australasian Harrier, Kahu Off we Go

This prize was too good to risk loosing!

Australasian Harrier Kahu 1

This mature bird has just landed to inspect a possum it has spied in farm paddock, Coast Rd Wainuiomata. NB. the legs have a interesting coverage of feathers that I have not seen in any other pictures or illustrations.

Australasian Harrier, Kahu 2

By now it is feeling safe and is about to start feeding

Australasian Harrier, Kahu 1

Australasian Harrier, Kahu is commonly seen flying over farmland through out NZ.

Australasian Harrier, Kahu4 Lookout my turn!

This young Harrier is notable for its dark brown coloring (body & eyes)

Australasian Harrier-Kahu Fighting

Here we see two male Harriers fighting over who gets to eat first. This skermish was over very quickly(2 sec).

Australasian Harrier Kahu 7

Australasian Harrier garding its food

Australasian Harrier, Kahu 4

Eyes on the sky as other birds are also looking for food.