Gallery - WHITE HERON Kotuku

This bird is protected and considered a rare native(Heather & Robertson 2005). These pictures were taken at Petone, Wellington. The Kotuku appearance here is a once in a lifetime event and considered good luck. We (local residents) feel very privileged to have it here.


This shot of the Kotuku wth its neck retracted shows its difference in flight style from the swan, for example.

Don't mind Me!

Graham Wolf keeping watch


Here the bird takes a quick leap.

Kotuku or-White Heron

This bird arrived early this year (2011), much to the joy and wonder of the locales. It is said to be a "once in a lifetime" event and is also said to pertain good luck.

Kotuku White Heron 5

Look out fish, I'm hungry!!


Even with only one foot on the ground the Kotuku is able to fully extend its neck in an endever to catch its prey.

Up And Away

It is nice to beable to see the birds reflection as it takes off.

Up And Away 1

Off we go}:-]

Up And Away 2

Off we go);-)