Gallery - Wainuiomata

Pictures from home and around.

1a Wainuiomata covered in fog

This can be a common sight in spring

1 Wainuiomata View

An over view of Wainuiomata as see from the Top of the WOM Hill Also see:

2 Historic House

The house was once belonged to the Wellington Development Company

4 Methodist Church

One of the first churches built in Wellington(1863) the land and timber(pitsawn) was donated by Richard Prouse.

5 Historic House

Situated at 222 Coast rd. this is a well preserved old house.

6 Jacksons old Farm House

This was the original farm house

Australasian Harrier, Kahu 1

Australasian Harrier, Kahu is commonly seen flying over farmland through out NZ.


Flowering Cheery Tree much loved (flowers)by the native Wood Pigeon


A visitor to next door!!

Due Drops

Tiny drops of moisture cling to this small spiders' web clustered on an earth bank.

Gum Loop Track

This sign is situated at the start of the track and gives a good overview.

Gumloop Track 2 Entrance

From here the track leads through some native bush