Gallery - Sandspit

Pictures taken at the Sandspit and the Hauraki Gulf.

1 Sunrise off Tataku Point

We needed to go about three nautical miles out to Takaku Point. Hauturu/Little Barrier Island and Aotea/Great Barrier Island can be seen in the distance.

2 Sunrise off Kawati Point

On the way back through North Channel the cliffs of Kawau Island present a lovely golden glow, just to the left of the point is the lighthouse.

A White Frounted Tern

Nice to see this bird flight 'frozen' in mid air. Such control is hard to see without the aid of a camera.

A White-Frounted Tern 1

Timing, now you see it now you don't );-)

Kuaka: 20 Bar-Tailed Godwits

These early mourning diners, at the Sandspit, were soon off to "greener pastures"(see next picture).

Kuaka:Bar-tail Godwit

This picture was taken at the Sandspit shortly after dawn May 2012.

White-Frounted Terns

Feeding time. Taken off the coast of Orewa.